Contemplative Harp

A CD of music for contemplation and meditation. 30 minutes of soothing and relaxing Celtic Harp music.

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This unique medley of Gregorian, Celtic, Jewish, and Buddhist chants brings you into the fullness of the present, fostering meditation, openness and appreciation. Polly Mahoney’s harp playing is a sacred craft, a therapy that goes beyond words - transforming tension and anxiety into stillness and peace. A spaciousness is created which allows for the manifestation of a person’s inner resources. Listeners have said: “This music opens my heart.”

“It brings quiet joy.”

“I seem to experience my true nature — beyond suffering and pain.”

“The effects continue long after the playing stops.”

"I go to sleep listening to your “Contemplative Harp” EVERY night — and when I awaken 2 or 3 times during the night I can reach over without turning on the light and start it up again! You are an important part of my life! And you can bet I’ll have a reserve copy of it on hand the rest of my life in case anything happens to the one I’m using. That already happened once. You’re a wonderful friend!"

Whether you’re needing assistance in meditation, welcoming a birth, transitioning into death, or simply wanting relaxation - these contemplative chants are the perfect companion.

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