Funerals/Memorial Services

When the Music Has To Be Just Right

At any farewell or memorial service, music makes the atmosphere. Truly sensitive music should enhance the setting without pretension. Even as it honors grief, it must also convey transcendence.

That’s why so many experienced funeral directors rely on Polly Mahoney. Like them, you’ll discover how a single call can transform a nagging detail – that all-important musical environment – into an elegant asset that reflects your own discernment.

A Musician Who Understands

For over twelve years, Polly Mahoney and her handcrafted Celtic harp have soothed and uplifted the bereaved. Polly’s extensive training in psychotherapy and hospice care means she’s quick to read and respond to shifting moods. Her calm, reassuring presence reaches beyond the music, imparting strength when it’s needed most.

No One Has More Experience

Polly Mahoney’s harp has eased countless souls through their final transition. No wonder the bereaved so appreciate its strong, graceful tones as they embark on their own journey beyond grief.

For the beauty of the music, alone, Polly’s contribution — and your thoughtfulness — will be valued. Meanwhile, those charged with logistics will welcome the collaboration of a seasoned funeral musician.

Make Just One Call

For a sample of Polly Mahoney’s music, or to arrange for an audition, call her at (303)494-0596. Or, if you prefer, e-mail

Then turn your attention to the many other details on your list. The music will simply fall into place — and it’ll be exactly what you had in mind.

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