Polly’s music made a world of difference at our wedding. Our guests were delighted and so were we!

Your music was a very wonderful addition to our ceremony,. We got rave reviews from our guests, many of whom mentioned how particularly beautiful the harp music was and how well it fit with the events. Thanks very much for your contribution toward making everything as special as it was.

Thank you so much for your presence and the extraordinary music that you offered at our wedding. It was an important part of the event and something we will never forget.

Feedback has been pouring in yesterday and today about the healing properties of your music. The words “heavenly, angelic, marvelous, glorious” have all been used. What a satisfaction it must be to know how deeply you touch people. What a joy it is for us that you choose to share it here.

Thank you so much! Your calmness and reassuring demeanor are priceless in such high energy situations! You helped us enormously to deal with our loved one’s death.

Your being and your music added so much to our wedding. You have an incredible gift and we appreciate more than you know your sharing it with us. Thank you.

I wanted to thank you for playing at my wedding on New Years’ Eve morning. You sounded beautiful; I was very happy. I wish I could recommend you for all the brides out there.

What a gift you were to our wedding — not only your music but just being able to see and feel your presence meant so much. We were struck by the simplicity and ease that your playing had — like you just “appeared” and “played” without any big fan fare. You are a delight! Thanks so much, Polly.

Polly, it was SO beautiful! Thanks for taking the time to learn a couple of special songs just for us. Your playing for us was the best gift of all.

No wedding is complete without music. Your musical excellence enhances any wedding.

Thanks for the beautiful music at our ceremony; it added a special touch to our day. Everyone commented on how beautifully you played. We know you perform at many weddings throughout the year but for us you added a special uniqueness that we will never forget, nor will the guests that were there. Thank you very much!

On behalf of Hadassah, I wish to thank you for the beautiful performance/rendition of Sephardic music on your harp.

Thank you so much for your beautiful music at our Holiday Memorial Sunday night. The sound of your harp was enriching and provided the atmosphere conducive to sharing tender memories. We greatly appreciate you giving your time and talent for the service of others. Heartbeat, Boulder Police Dept., Boulder Co. Hospice, Boulder Community Hospital Chaplain

Thank you for being a part of our first “Death is not a Failure” weekend. Your beautiful harp music helped wonderfully to set the tone for the closing ritual. Qualife Wellness Community

Thank you so much for the wonderful music you gave us. I know it gave mother great comfort. You provided incredible moments of sensitivity and beauty for all of us.

Thanks for playing while I gave a breath meditation at the Bereavement workshop. I had just been asked to do the meditation that morning and I forgot to give you cues. None were needed, of course, since you are such an accomplished professional. Such a pleasure to work with and listen to.

Thanks so much for your presence and heart opening music in my Bat Mitzvah. I am looking forward to hearing you play more.

I cannot find the words to describe the impact of your visit to our hospital yesterday. You left behind lingering notes of tenderness, of spirit, of softness. As I walked around the lobby while you were playing, the music reached out to me and invited me to be more vulnerable, more open, more aware. Thank you for a rich experience, and for a wonderful morning.

What a lovely gift you have to impart to the world! I’m thrilled that our friend was blessed with your music when she died. You are a very special person.

It was a lovely day when you came into our lives. We’ll not forget the hours you spent at our son’s bedside playing your beautiful Celtic harp. And we were honored that you played at his memorial service. We have made a contribution in your name to Boulder County Aids Project. Bless you for your good work!

This humble note cannot express to you how much I appreciate the wonderful music that you provided for my son’s memorial service. It could not have been more perfect. I had so many compliments on the music. He enjoyed and gained so much from the therapy sessions with you. You provide such a wonderful service! Thank you.

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